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About 100 HEP Award

AKS Education Awards recognizes meritorious principals for their contributions to schools and communities. The program crowns the principals, who have spearheaded initiatives to increase students’ performance, endorsed safe learning environments and created partnerships with parents and the community. First time in India – to appreciate the work of school principals. This award will not only honour the worthy but also help the heads of schools meet with their real-selves.

The journey began in 2016 in which nealry 1100 principals nominated themsleves and 100 were awarded to be highly effective ones in a gala ceremony on 30th and 31st January 2017 in New Delhi then in 2017, 2018 and now after 3 successful seasons, Nominations are invited for 100 Highly Effective Principals of 2019, its 4th season in which work done during 2018-19 will be counted, considered and evaluated thru pre-defined parameters.

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Award Winners 2018

Nomination Process for HEP 2021

We have devised a mechanism of selecting 100 the really effective heads of schools for the year 2019-20 to be felicitated in the month of April 2020 in New Delhi.

The applicant has to Self-nominate for this award by Registering on our website and then completing the Self-nomination form in which he has to do self-appraisal and fill in school factual data. In second phase the applicant has to get himself/herself endorsed by his/her management, 5 teachers and 5 parents of his school.

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An organisation of great repute and respect. Thank you for encouraging and honouring educators and acknowledging their services. God bless you in all your endeavours.

Shibani AroraWelham Boys School, Dehradun

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AKS Education Awards

AKS is fully dedicated for its commitment towards the Education System and society. It is responsible to create a difference in the society with its various and valuable service towards its clients. We at AKS Education Awards have taken the initiative to recognize all the stakeholders in education Industry. We believe that a small appreciation can make a lot of differences in the society. It helps to develop and garnish the professionalism among the individuals. Every year AKS EDUCATION AWARDS is facilitating various Educators and other professionals around the globe.

Our goal is to give tribute and reward outstanding Educators for the eminence and effectiveness of their teaching, their specialized leadership, their engagement with the community, and their potential for even greater hand-outs to the healthy development aspects of educational programs. We also appreciate and acknowledge Principals/Educators, who are in the nascent stage of their career, or mid-career, to reward them for what they have achieved—and for the guarantee of what they will achieve in the future.


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