Highly Effective Principals

AKS Education Awards recognizes meritorious principals for their contributions to schools and communities. The program crowns those Principals, who have spearheaded initiatives to increase students’ performance, endorse safe learning environments and create partnerships with parents and community members.

First time in India – to appreciate the work of school principals. Nominations opened in Nov. 2016. Approx. 2500 nominations were received and 100 principals got the award form 5 countries. The award was felicitated in a 2-day gala ceremony on 30th & 31st January 2017 in New Delhi.

Nomination Process

AKS Education Awards

AKS is fully dedicated for its commitment towards the Education System and society. It is responsible to create a difference in the society with its various and valuable service towards its clients. We at AKS Education Awards have taken the initiative to recognize all the stakeholders in education Industry. We believe that a small appreciation can make a lot of differences in the society. It helps to develop and garnish the professionalism among the individuals. Every year AKS EDUCATION AWARDS is facilitating various Educators and other professionals around the globe.

Our goal is to give tribute and reward to the outstanding Educators for the eminence and effectiveness of their teaching, their specialized leadership, their engagement with the community, and their potential for even greater hand-outs to the healthy development aspects of educational programs. We also appreciate and acknowledge Principals / Educators, who are in the nascent stage of their career, or mid-career, to reward them for what they have achieved—and for the guarantee of what they will achieve in the future.


Alert Knowledge Services

Works with schools and colleges for helping them improve quality of education in their institutions. We do training programs for almost all the stakeholders of education including students, teachers, principals, administrators, directors, accountants, librarians, counsellors etc. of the institutions for their skill development in India and abroad, help the schools improve by doing their quality audits.


1. Making of a Perfect Principal: 33 Batches, 1800 Principals

2. 7-Habits of Highly Effective Principals: 2 Batches, 200 Principals

3. Digital Principal: 4 Batches, 200 Principals

4. Training of Teacher Trainers: 8 Batches, 100 Trainers

5. Certified Academic Auditor: 2 Batches, 25 Auditors

6. Turning School Library Into Resource Centre: 7 Batches, 200 Librarians

7. Up-skilling of Mid-level School Leadership Team: 2 Batches, 100 Participants

8. Strategic Human Resource Management at Schools: Recently Launched



Alert Knowledge Service is an innovative Training, technology, education management & research organization. We have all the in-house skills and people needed to help you to create an innovative concept right the way through to taking your Idea into Execution. Equally, our Services can help you to maximize your Profit and reach worldwide...

We are not content just to create me-too products that make incremental change; we specialize in helping organizations achieve the seemingly impossible. We work with some of the renowned organization as well as with innovative start-ups who want to change the status quo fast. Founded over 10 years ago, the company combines exceptional people, proven processes and excellent facilities, backed by an enviable track record of creating world-firsts, to deliver real value to our clients. That's not just our claim: 97% of our clients say we exceed their expectations!


Vision, Values & Mission


To become top of mind recall in education for anything by anyone anywhere on the globe.


Ethics, Competence, Credibility & Professionalism.


To qualitize education by qualitizing students, teachers & institutions.

To help professionals reach their optimum levels of competence.

To systemize and beautify workplaces by educating the workforce on empathy, ethics and equality.

Our Management

  • Dinesh Dinesh Kamra Chief Executive Officer An eduvator and hard core education quality professional with 21 years of industry experience. Facebook Twitter Linkedin
  • Mahesh Mahesh Kamra Head Finance A management and commerce post-graduate with 18 years of rich experience in education industry. Facebook Twitter Linkedin
  • Sarvesh Sarvesh Jagdish Raj Head Marketing A management post-graduate and hard core educational marketing professional with 15 years of experience. Facebook Twitter Linkedin
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